About Bunni

Victory Night 2012 with Congressman Jeb Hensarling

With over ten years of experience in Republican fundraising and campaign management, Bunni Pounds has raised over $9 million dollars for Congressional candidates and other political clients. She leads one of the best campaign organizations in Texas gaining a reputation as a visionary, meticulous administrator, a strategic campaign consultant, and an avid fundraiser.

Bunni’s experience doesn’t just stop at politics. She has eleven years managing her own two small businesses, five years in non-profit management, and has orchestrated corporate business meetings, concerts, and Christian ministry events from conception to execution. She has a Bachelor of Arts & Sciences degree in Political Science from Dallas Baptist University and an Associate’s degree in Theology from Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas.

Her company, Bunni Pounds & Associates, which launched October 2015 helps clients – that she believes in – fulfill their goals with political fundraising, campaign consulting, non-profit management & fundraising, corporate event planning, and ministry event planning.

In 2016, her first full year in business, the firm served 27 clients – from Congressional Members, State Senators, State Representatives, county elected officials, to even national & statewide political organizations as well as non-profits.

Bunni is building one of the most organized and effective fundraising and campaign firms in the State of Texas and is now seen as one of the top fundraisers in North Texas from Fort Worth all the way to Tyler.  She has assembled an incredible team of associates to help her clients build their donor relationships and raise the resources they need to win races and fulfill their organizational goals.

Married for twenty-one years to Tim Pounds, they have two sons, Israel (age 20) who is serving as a missionary in Romania and Ben (age 18) a senior in high school. Their family pastors a small church called Reality Community and helps facilitate missions all over the world.

Bunni Pounds & Associates, Inc. is a group of servant leaders desiring to make a difference in their sphere of influence for the sake of their state and their nation.